I hope that this update finds you and your family well! When Rob and I started out on this journey, we thought that the only obstacle we faced might be my health and ability to ride. Now, three months later, our country has been nearly immobilized by the Coronavirus pandemic, whose current epicenter is in New York City. As a result, the ride has been postponed while the organizers work with the city to determine when it might be safe to reschedule. Rest assured that we will be there when this happens! In addition, please know that your donation is still going to help those fighting ovarian cancer, as well as those who have not yet been diagnosed! People suffering with cancer are some of the most vulnerable people in the midst of the pandemic. I want to express my deep thanks for your caring and concern, along with my fervent hope that we are collectively able to pull through this very difficult time. So until we meet again, stay healthy, and I will keep you posted about when we are riding!