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Nancy & Rob's Fundraising Page

Nancy Easton

Nancy and Rob Ride for Team Teal!

On May 3, 2020, we will be riding in New York's Five Boro Bike Tour to benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition!

Please sponsor us, and share this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will advance NOCC's great cause! Together, we can make a difference!

Here's why we're riding:
Nothing prepares you to learn that you have ovarian cancer. Like most women, my symptoms were minimal, vague, and easily explained by other, more common health issues. In my case, the cancer was discovered last fall during surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. So you can imagine my shock, to be waking up in the recovery room as an ovarian cancer survivor.

Nothing prepares your partner or family, either. My husband, Rob, dropped his coffee when the doctor came out during the middle of my surgery to tell him they found cancer and would need to perform a much more extensive procedure. For both of us, visions of our future flashed before our eyes, as we wondered whether our lives were about to take a very unexpected and unwelcome turn. Sadly, my family already has some experience with this, as my aunt was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in 2002 and passed away at 55–the same age I am now.

We were fortunate. My cancer was diagnosed at Stage Ia and was completely treated by the initial surgery. After a few days in the hospital, I was back home and once again planning for the future. I set a goal of staying as healthy and physically fit as I can in recovery, knowing that there are no guarantees for anyone’s future. I also want to help spread the word, as talking with other survivors early on provided me with valuable information about my scary new diagnosis, along with the hope that I could recover.

Rob and I are both avid cyclists and do a few organized rides every year, including the Five Boro Bike Tour, a 40-mile ride through New York City. This year, training for the tour has become a meaningful way to celebrate my recovery, as we will be riding to support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, whose mission promotes early awareness, research, community outreach, and quality of life for ovarian cancer survivors. Our shared hope is that research will improve diagnostic tools for early detection, as well as education for all patients and their families, so that many others can be as fortunate as we have been.

Please sponsor us as we join NOCC’s Team Teal in NYC on May 3, 2020!


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Way to go 💪🏻👏
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I'm in awe of how strong you've been through all this and how you're using it as a positive message for others. You're an inspiration and I'm proud to call you my stepmom ❤
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