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Let's raise some money and go on a runny!

Joseph Neri

(Eventually) Running the NYC Marathon in Honor of Mom

Hello All You Beautiful People!

Welcome to my fundraising page for something near and dear to my heart, and that's also highly inadvisable.

The near and dear is raising funds for the NOCC in memory of my mother who passed in 2009 after a battle with Ovarian Cancer.

Well it happened, the Marathon has been canceled. But my campaign continues! And don't you for a second think this will stop me from running 26.1 miles on Nov 1st. One week after running the MCM 50k (virtual or not).

If you made it this far you pretty much have to donate now. It's okay if you don't. But keep your eyes peeled. I'll be randomly adding stories about my Mom and sharing my progress below!

That Time Where Mom Angered a King

Let me set the scene: it’s 2007, the original iPhone makes its debut. The Big Bang Theory premieres, and my Mom hosts my 20th birthday party at Medieval Times. To longtime listeners, you can see the thread, but to anyone just tuning in, the headline here is I am a nerd.

Now for those of you who’ve never partaken in the wonder that is Medieval Times, it’s essentially dinner theater. But, the only utensils you get are the ones God gave you. Yep, you dive into your chicken dinner with just Frodo and Samwise, or whatever it is you’ve named your hands. But, my mother was one step ahead, she packed forks and knives. She was golden, OR SO SHE THOUGHT!

To this day, I don’t know how the King of Lyndhurst Castle saw/heard/found out she brought in the contraband. But, he knew. And, he called out our entire group. In front of the whole arena! It was hysterical.

She caved to the royal pressure, and we, like everyone else, ate with our hands.

That’s who Mom was. The person who thought one step ahead, but was also a great sport.


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1. SGSara E George
Good Luck!
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This donation is in honor of my niece's first birthday!
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What a beautiful cause in remembrance of a beautiful person. much love always
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Proud of you bud, keep it going!
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6. ENElizabeth Neri
Happy Father's Day to my favorite (and only) Godfather!