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Michael Patrick Davidson: 50th Anniversary New York City Marathon - Fundraising Page

Michael Patrick Davidson

Honoring my Mother Cathy & Friend Geske

On November 7, 2021, I will run the 50th Anniversary New York City Marathon to raise funds for research, treatment, awareness and support for those battling Cancer; I was fortunate to have been given a place in the race following the pandemic and reduced field of participation.

As many of you know, my mother Cathy passed away on May 8, 2021 after suffering from Stage IV Colorectal Cancer that had metastasized to her liver and lungs. For the first time I had an intimate close encounter with Cancer and witnessed the extraordinary pain and suffering that it can deliver.

My dear friend Geske has been fighting a rare form of Ovarian Cancer since 2014 and when she asked me in November 2019 to run for her to join this fight, I accepted her challenge on the spot. On February 12, 2020 I was the first person to gain a place on the 2021 Ovarian Cancer Teal Team and started fundraising immediately. Although the 2020 NYC Marathon was cancelled due to COVID-19, this has given us another year to fundraise and make a difference !

Therefore, I am running for my mother, for Geske and those who are inflicted with the range of Cancers that impact Women, and to raise awareness as to the importance of early and regular detection and screenings.

Every dollar we raise will strengthen this cause and every step I take in training and running this race is in honor of Women who are running their own marathon each day, with courage, fortitude and grace.

Our minimum goal is $15,000 to honor all Women who have and continue to battle this disease and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the NYC Marathon and symbolic return as we emerge from the pandemic.

Please make a contribution to this very important and personal fundraiser and share this page far and wide with your family and friends.

Together, we can and will make a difference & Thank you as always for your love, support and generosity.......!

Michael Patrick Davidson


raised of $15,000 goal

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