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Michael Patrick Davidson: 50th Anniversary New York City Marathon - Fundraising Page

Michael Davidson

To Eradicate Ovarian Cancer & Support My Friend.............. Geske Simons

On November 1, 2020, I will run my 30th Marathon in New York City, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of this race and to support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

My dear friend Geske has been fighting a rare form of Ovarian Cancer since 2014 and when she asked me this past November to run for her to join this fight, I accepted her challenge on the spot. On February 12, I was the first person to gain a place on the 2020 Ovarian Cancer Teal Team and started fundraising immediately.

Every dollar we raise will strengthen this cause and every step I take in training and running this race is in honor of Geske who is running her own marathon each day, with courage, fortitude and grace.

Our minimum goal is $10,000 and I will match each personal contribution, no questions asked, to also Honor all Women who have and continue to battle this disease and to celebrate a special milestone and anniversary year.

Therefore on Halloween, the night before the marathon at 10pm., I will double the total that has been raised, go to sleep and wake-up early the next morning to make the journey through the streets of NYC.

Please make a contribution to this very important and personal fundraiser and share this page far and wide with your family and friends.

Together, we can and will make a difference & Thank you as always for your love, support and generosity.......!

Michael Patrick Davidson


raised of $10,000 goal

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Better late than never, and makes no difference that the race is either past or won't happen in this pandemic. Go Michael ! Go Geske ! Eradicate Ovarian Cancer - - - YES !