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My New York City Marathon - Team Teal Fundraising Page

Josh Peukert

Josh Peukert - NYC Marathon

In 2018, my wife, Wendy Peukert began what she thought was months of being bloated. In fact, she had a noticeable bump in her belly. We had no clue what it was. One day, she went to get a massage, mentioned it to her therapist, and was immediately told to go to the hospital. Within a week, MRIs and testing had been done and she was referred to an oncologist.

On August 2, 2018, my wife had a cancerous germ cell tumor the size of volleyball removed from her left ovary. The recovery was long, but I'm happy to say she has been cancer free from that point forward!

We would appreciate any money you are able to donate. The life you're helping safe could be your wife, mother, sister, or daughter.


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So proud of you Josh! Wendy picked a winner! Love you lots!
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