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Louise Tanski - New York City Marathon fundraiser

Louise Tanski

Louise Tanski

Dear family and friends,

In January, I committed to raising $3,000 for Team TEAL’s New York City Marathon team. At this point, I very much doubt that the marathon will be able to go on as planned; however, I still plan on raising the $3,000 that I promised the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and on running 26.2 miles on November first. That said, running a marathon alone is not much fun. So here is where you come in! I’m anticipating it will take me just under 4 hours to run the full distance. I’ve broken the time up into 20mn chunks. For a pledge of $30, you can join me doing any sort of physical activity you wish—running, erging, walking your dog or lifting a two-pound weight in bed. There are only two requirements: you must be moving for the full 20 minutes, and you must text me a motivational picture of yourself doing your workout. Use this link here ( to sign up for a 20mn slot.

Together, we can make a difference! Thank you <3



raised of $3,000 goal

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