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Team Reeve

Team Reeve

In November 2015, Rhonda was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer. She went through several surgeries, 16 rounds of chemotherapy and spent more than two months in the hospital. She is currently in remission and is participating in a trial immunotherapy study.

Today, Team Reeve is transforming its boat into a “moving billboard” for ovarian cancer awareness. Team Reeve will use every opportunity to talk about this cancer and its early warning signs and symptoms.

The message will be clear.

Every angler, male or female, has a role in fighting ovarian cancer! Each angler has a mom, a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter or a neighbor that may need this knowledge to save their life!

With Action There is HOPE.



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1. MMMeredith Mitstifer
In honor of my TEAL sister and her incredible caregiver. You both rock.
2. MJMax Jordan
3. LNLou Noonan
4. SRSandy Rich
Praying for quick and complete healing for you, Rhonda!
5. JSJeff Schwieterman
So glad we can help with your cause. Jeff and Carol
6. LWLana Weatherbee