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Welcome to the TEAL ERIE movement

Beckie Jackson

Teal Erie 2018

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! WELCOME to the Teal Erie movement. Let's turn Erie Pa teal and BEAT ovarian cancer. The more who know the less statistics we will be. Don't be 1 in 75 know the signs. Help spread the word so we can break the silence on this silent killer.
Our opening event for the Teal Erie movement will be May 8th at Harley Davidson of Erie 1130am to 5pm. We will be wrapping up the TEAL Erie movement this sept 29th 1 to 5 at Harley Davidson of Erie for the Teal Erie Car show. All proceeds made during these events will benefit NOCC. 100% Help make a difference in a loved ones life.
Break the silence! #tealerie2018


We have about 150 flyers out from attending local car shows thus far. We look forward to passing out some more and hopefully starting to get some pre registered cars. Ask me how to pre register!


Wanted to check in we are just over two months away from the Teal Erie Car show. We will be taking the next couple months to pass out flyers for our car show at the local car shows currently going on. Welcome to all those car owners and lovers that have found this page through one of out flyers we look forward to seeing you and your car at the Teal Erie Car show. You can register your car right here so you don't have to worry about it the day of the car show all you have to do is make at least a 15 dollar donation and make a comment that it is to register a car. Look for our flyers in the community and also look for us out and about! We truly can't wait to see you all September 29TH


I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone that has taken the time to help Teal Erie. This is so much more then our ending car show. We want to make this a movement. To think outside the bra and turn our town teal. It is my mission as well as our groups mission to make as many businesses teal as they are pink. We are not just boobs. Not knowing the scary statistic of ovarian cancer is what is killing us. We need to reach out to every female we know and let her know the signs and symptoms it doesn't matter the age. We need to know so we can stop the 1 in 75 statistic. We want the change these numbers. 70% of women diagnosed are diagnosed to late this is very scary. We need to inform everyone. Turning Erie teal is just the start. Please consider a donation to this cause. All proceeds benefit NOCC 100% We all have a female loved one that could end up being 1 in 75. Lets change this.


It's Teal Tuesday again and one that is very important. Tomorrow is my moms birthday. She lost her battle with ovarian cancer in 2015. Since the moment she was diagnosed she did anything and everything to help spread awareness about ovarian cancer so others could be saved from this awful silent killer. Please donate in her memory and so many others that have lost or are fighting their battle with ovarian cancer.




Pre Register your car. Make a $15 donation, then comment your name and car you will have at the car show. All of your $15 dollar donation will go to NOCC. You will also receive a T-shirt the day of the event. #tealerie2018

In 2014 my Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, at the age of 52. In a matter of seconds our lives were flipped upside down. Life became doctors appointments, chemo, trips to Pittsburgh, surgeries, false hopes, ups, and downs, and a whole lot of love. Mom always said she was going to win. She was not her cancer and it was not going to take life from her. Mom would have chemo treatments of friday and without fail would be at mine and my brothers races on saturday at Lake Erie Speedway. We got what we thought was an early Christmas present late 2014. Mom had beat it in less then a year, this was short lived. Come March of 2015 the cancer had come back. By July of 2015 my Mom lost her battle with Ovarian Cancer. She did not go down without a fight and even though cancer was the cause of her passing not once did she let it define who she was as a person. In that first year of my Mom having Ovarian Cancer we wanted to give back, my Mom was granted a lot of love, support, and treatments from others helping. It was our time to do the same so we could grant another family what mine was. We planned a Car/bike show in a couple months that we held at Harley Davidson of Erie. We raised money by registering cars and bikes, Chinese auction, and 50/50 the money went to the Erie Regional Cancer Center, and the money went towards other women that needed help paying for ovarian cancer treatments. We held this car show 2 years in a row. After two years away I decided this was the year to bring the event back. This year I wanted to go bigger. I contacted NOCC and paired with them to host this event and have all proceeds go to NOCC. The event will be held on Sept 29th,2018 at Harley Davidson of Erie. ALL PROCEEDS benefit NOCC. Let's Teal Erie and BREAK THE SILENCE!!!! 1 IN 75 women will be diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer! Could you be 1 in 75? Help spread the signs and symptoms to help prevent Ovarian cancer. Early detection can make a huge difference.


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