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Shellane Shattuck

Say Row to Cancer

Rowing has always been near and dear to my heart. And so has my Mom. After losing my Mom to ovarian cancer 17 years ago and starting high school just 1 month later, I found solace in rowing. I was never very athletic, but rowing showed me what I was capable of and honestly acted as an outlet for me as I was grieving. Though I haven't rowed competitively for nearly 10 years, the fitness journey I've been on over the last year has showed me that it's never too late to improve my health and wellness.

As I've been training for CRASH B's, all of the time spent on the erg has me thinking about my why and it always comes back to feelings related to my mom. I've decided to fund raise in her honor, thank you for visiting and for your support! Together we can make a difference! Best - Shellane


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1. BEBrooke Ewing
2. AWAnn Wallack
You are doing good work.
3. KPKait Paquette
4. NJNancy Judge
Glad you are making a difference.
5. SSSteven Shattuck
Go Shellane, love PaPa & Charlene.
6. ENErin Marie Newton
Go Shellane! Thank you, I just lost another friend to ovarian cancer.