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Welcome to MomThenMeNow's Page

Melissa & Cassie Hirsch Levine


Hi, thanks for visiting! Cassie and Melissa here!

We have exciting news! We’ve figured out a way to give the best Mother’s Day present, while also raising money for a great cause.


We are asking you to join us in the fight against ovarian cancer during the month of May.
It’s simple and fun!

Ever come across an old photo of your Mom and do a double take? Now being in our twenties, we notice it ALL THE TIME. We often wonder, who were these women before they were moms? All we want to do is jump in the photo and ask all the questions. Here comes the fun part!

We are hoping to recreate those old photos and we want YOU to do the same!
In the same place,
In the same clothing, or
posing as close to the original as possible.

Together, let's post these photos on social media throughout the month of May with the hashtag #MomThenMeNow and get it trending! 

Everybody sees themselves in their mother.

We partnered with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition and ask that you make a donation with each post. Anything counts! What better charity to celebrate our mothers than the place where it all began, in the ovaries. 

Thank you for joining us in the fight against ovarian cancer!


Happy posting!


raised of $10,000 goal

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