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Welcome to 16 Magical Years Page

Meredith Mitstifer

16 Magical Years!

On December 31, 2018, Ryan and I celebrate 16 magical years! Ryan turns 16 years old, a milestone birthday he has long awaited. I celebrate 16 years NED (No Evidence of Disease). What better way to celebrate than raising money for a cure so more mom's get to see their sons turn 16. Join us by considering to donate a magical $16.00 in honor of this special occasion. We appreciate you and your support of NOCC!


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16 Magical Years


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Recent Donations

1. SHShari Huffman
Happy 16th..Ryan AND Meredith. Proud of you both
2. LSLen & Joyce Salvatori
Joyce & Len Salvatori
3. NTNichole Titus-Lickers
Happy 16th ❤❤ Mark & Nichi
4. JTJeanne Blanchek Thayer
Blessings Meredith and Happy Birthday to Ryan❤️❤️🙏🙏❤️❤️
5. JHJay Hornbacher
From Jay Hornbacher
6. CYChristina Yaple
Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!!Love you Mitstifer!