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Ariana Reyes

Teal Strong

September 29, 2019, I will be running the Chicago 1/2 Marathon with Team Teal! This cause is very dear to me. Thank you in Advance for your support!

I was diagnosed at 17 years old in September of 1998, with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. For the year prior to my diagnosis, my Doctor's told me that all of my aches and pains, were normal growing pains that would go away by the time I was 18. As I turned 18, I was being prepared for my 2nd surgery of many more to come before chemo and eventually a full hysterectomy. Almost 18 years later, my 14 year old niece was diagnosed at an early stage because WE now knew the symptoms.
Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer. She did not have to go through my same story. I am blessed to say, I am a 20 year survivor and my niece is a 1 year survivor.

Your donation will help spread the word and share this knowledge with females of all ages to help with early stage diagnosis.

Together we can make a difference! Spread the word - Love, Ariana



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