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The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition’s 2018 National Conference was a huge success. We thank each of you whom attended, presented, exhibited, and supported the event to embrace the ovarian cancer community.

If you’d like more information related to our presenters, please following the links below:

The New Landscape of Clinical Trials and Emerging Therapies

Ovarian Cancer Dream Team Update

MASSAGE MATTERS: Making it work for you and your life

Navigating Your Nutrition Journey: Tools and Tips to Optimize Nutrition

Sherry Pollex Survivor, Founder,

Using Tumor Testing to Identify Targeted Therapy, Immunotherapy, and Clinical Trial Options

Living With Ovarian Cancer: How Palliative Care Can Help

Force of Nature: Harnessing Your Body’s Wisdom for Healing, Leadership, and Life:

Take a look at some of the events highlights in photos and video below!
Thank you to our sponsors!
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