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Tori Petersen - Fight like Fallows

Tori Petersen

Help us raise awareness & research for Ovarian cancer

Lynn made Student Council and Leadership the cool thing to do. I was lucky enough to make it into her class which transformed my life. Her mentorship guided me through high school and college, through my greatest and worst moments. Following personal events, I turned to running to heal. My goal was my first half marathon, the finish line was strength and reconciliation. I could always rely on Lynn to push me through obstacles. After crossing my own finish line, I had the joy of cheering Lynn on in running and defeating Ovarian Cancer. A year later, the cancer came back and last year it took her life.

In her 30 years of teaching, Lynn Fallows inspired thousands. She reminded students with disabilities of their importance in their communities. She taught insecure kids to be confident in themselves & how to lead. She supported teens through depression & suicide attempts to remind them that they are enough. She guided fellow teachers to become stronger educators. Once she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, she jumped into action to become an Advocate Leader with the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance where she continued to educate and impact people's lives.

I am running for Lynn. I am running to promote awareness about the severity and deadliness of Ovarian Cancer. I am running to raise funds that can help doctors find a screening test, improve treatment methods and reduce the re-occurrence rate for Ovarian Cancer. The opportunity to run the New York City Marathon in honor of Lynn Fallows is one I cherish deeply. Please join me in keeping her legacy alive and helping the thousands of women diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer every year.


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1. LBLarry Broker
I am donating to this cancer research on behalf of Gloria Brashears. I worked with her for many years at Fiserv and she was a great friend and colleague. I was so sorry to hear about her death and want to express my condolences to the family. I am sorry I will not be in town to attend her funeral.
2. CPChip Paucek
3. CChris and Tara
You’re absolutely amazing!
4. SNSandra Nees
Good luck!!!
Don’t forget to carbo load. 🏃🏼‍♀️ I heard fettuccini alfredo does the trick.
6. JBJim Boselli
Good luck and have fun