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Helene Unger's Team Teal Page

Helene Unger

~In Memory of My Teal Sisters~

Thank you for visiting my page! We never know where our path may lead or what our passion in life may be. In August of 2016 I just figured I was out of shape and not training hard enough. I didn't realize my breathing issues or leg pain was as a result of blood clots in my lungs and in my leg. Who knew blood clots could be related to a malignancy. Finding out I had blood clots was earth shattering but nothing more devastating than finding out I had ovarian and endometrial cancer. I was on a rollercoaster ride. First an IVC filter, then surgery for over 5 hours, then remove IVC filter and add a port for chemo, start chemo 12/2016 and celebrate the New Year 2017 with no hair and staring at clumps of frosted hair in the sink. I ended chemo 3/31/2017 and then the emotional issues packed a punch. When the world thought I should be happy to be alive I was terrified to live. I had memory loss, anxiety and depression. How could I blend back into the world, be a good friend, work and look at this changed person in the mirror. I needed to regain some sense of normalcy so I started running again. I ran an ultra only months before I became very sick and I loved all the adventures I had from running. I wanted to run NYC again and I entered the lottery. Surprisingly I got in! It was too soon so I deferred for one year and last year I was still not ready. This past year I focused on my strength, working, evaluating relationships in my life, and trying to appreciate the second chance I have had. While recovering I met some strong, kind and inspirational women in the NOCC. I refer to them as my teal sisters. This past year two of these women passed away. It was heartbreaking for all the women blessed to have spent time with them. Over the years these women shared their stories to help others. In February I decided to participate and share with the Rutgers Medical Students. It was there I met Vanda(NOCC) and she approached me about running the NYC Marathon 2019. I knew in my heart that this is the year and this is the time to honor and remember the women that were there for me and so many others. They shared their hearts, their stories and gave their time to make sure that women pay attention to the whisper of ovarian cancer. I hope you will support me on this journey. NYC 2019 hear me roar....Thank You



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1. NMNancy Mesis
Good luck on Sunday Helene you've got this!!
2. GGood Luck! Ginny and Valerie
Helene Good Luck! For a wonderful cause as we know.
3. LMLynne Mortimer
Thank you for all of the monies you have raised for this worthy cause-this one complete's your obligation for the NYC Marathon and is in honor of your beautiful mom June-have a great race!
4. MAMartha Alberti
Love & Prayers - Martha
5. RRRobyne Rasa
"You are never given a wish without also having the power to make it come true." "Be the change you want to see in the world" Best of luck got this!! xxxooo
6. AEArt Erickson
Good Luck Helene! You’ll be great!