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Chad Rolstad

Lisa's Legacy

I was raised by a single mother and the biggest constant in my life growing up was my mother’s sister, my aunt Lisa. Lisa was always there for me, for school, sports activities, birthdays....for everything. It was a given that she would always be there in my life. When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer it was a shock, but I thought Lisa could beat it. However, I did not know how lethal ovarian cancer is.

In the US & Canada, there are nearly 25,000 new cases diagnosed each year, with 17,000 deaths.

Lisa was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer on July 2, 2008 and passed away on April 20, 2011. This fall, I will lace up to run the five boroughs in my own small pursuit to Break the Silence. Although I am not much of a runner, the months of training leading up to 4 hours of pain on November 3rd will pale in comparison to the courageous 1012 days that Lisa battled this disease.

I run both in memory of Lisa, and with hope that we will find a cure for our future generations. Ovarian Cancer does not discriminate - One day it could be your mom, grandmother, sister, daughter, wife, or your Aunt Lisa.

Thank you for your consideration,

Chad Rolstad


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